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Explore Mixi Luggage: your premier choice for durable, feature-rich Carry-On and Checked Luggage. Discover models with TSA-friendly locks, double spinner wheels, and adjustable handles. Ideal for both business and leisure, our luggage is equipped with dedicated sleeves for laptops and tablets, ensuring a seamless travel experience.


Many travelers prefer reliable and durable Mixi suitcases that can withstand the harsh conditions of any travel. Suitcase owners can be sure that their luggage will be safe.

Mobility Features

Equipped with dual spinning wheels and a height-adjustable handle, these suitcases provide superior maneuverability and comfort. Travelers receive a mobile suitcase for easy travel.

Functional Design

Many Mixi Luggage models are equipped with special cases for laptops and tablets. This makes them an excellent solution for business travel and tourism. Comfort, productivity and safety in one suitcase.

Find Your Luggage

Explore our selection of Mixi Luggage, featuring durable materials, innovative designs, and functional features perfect for both business and leisure travel. Find the ideal piece for your journey today!

Mixi Carry On 20-inch Luggage

Discover the Mixi Carry On 20 inch Luggage with a wide handle for easy maneuvering, perfect for swift, hassle-free travels.

Mixi Carry On 20 inch Luggage Wide Handle

Mixi 24-inch Travel Hardshell Luggage Wide Handle

Experience enhanced travel with the Mixi 24-inch Travel Hardshell Luggage, featuring a wide handle for superior control and a robust design for extensive use. Perfect for longer trips.

Mixi Carry On Luggage Cup Phone Holder and Charger

Travel smarter with the Mixi Carry On Luggage, featuring a built-in cup and phone holder and a charger for ultimate convenience. Perfect for keeping essentials at hand and devices charged on the go.

Mixi Carry On Luggage with Front Laptop Pocket

Maximize convenience with the Mixi 18″, 20″, 24″ Carry On Luggage, designed with a front laptop pocket for easy access and secure storage of your tech during travel.

Mixi Hardside PC Suitcase 20-inch Carry On Luggage

Travel in style with the Mixi Hardside PC Suitcase, a 20-inch carry-on featuring a durable polycarbonate shell for ultimate protection and sleek design. Ideal for efficient, secure trips.

Mixi Hardside PC Suitcase 20-inch Carry On Luggage

Mixi Multifunctional 26 Inch Checked Large Luggage

Optimize your travel with the Mixi Multifunctional 26 Inch Checked Large Luggage, perfect for extensive trips with its ample space and versatile features. Ideal for the seasoned traveler.

Mixi Multifunctional 26 Inch Checked Large Luggage

Organized Interior

Enjoy meticulous organization with an “Organized Interior” design, featuring strategically placed pockets and dividers. Keep your essentials neatly arranged and easily accessible, making packing and unpacking a breeze. Ideal for efficient travelers.

Organized Interior with Mixi Luggage
Mixi Luggage with Aluminium Centre Frame

Aluminium Centre Frame

Experience enhanced durability and sleek design with an Aluminium Centre Frame, providing superior structural integrity and protection. This robust feature ensures your belongings are safeguarded during travel, merging functionality with a modern look. Ideal for frequent travelers seeking reliability.

Recessed TSA Code Lock

Ensure security with the Recessed TSA Code Lock, ingeniously integrated into your luggage. This feature offers added peace of mind, keeping your belongings safe while facilitating easy inspections by security personnel. Perfect for worry-free travel.

Recessed TSA Code Lock on Mixi Luggage

Trusted Reviews, Real Stories

As a frequent traveler, I recently purchased the Mixi 20-inch Carry On and it has completely changed my travel experience. The durable construction handled several flights without a scratch, and the smooth double spinner wheels made navigating through busy airports a breeze. The dedicated laptop sleeve was a game-changer for accessing my devices quickly at security checks. Highly recommend for anyone looking for reliable and convenient luggage.

John Dunhill


I bought the Mixi Multifunctional 26 Inch Checked Luggage for a two-week trip across Europe and it was fantastic! The ample space allowed me to pack everything I needed without feeling cramped, and the organizational pockets kept all of my smaller items tidy and easy to find. The sturdy wheels and handle made it easy to navigate through various airports and city streets. It’s definitely made for heavy-duty travel and I’m impressed with its performance. Highly recommend for anyone needing a reliable, large suitcase.

Olivia Freedman Mixi Review
Olivia Freedman


I recently took the Mixi Hardside PC 20-inch Carry On for a business trip and it exceeded my expectations. The polycarbonate shell resisted impacts and scratches beautifully. The interior compartments were perfect for organizing my belongings. Rolling it through the airport was effortless thanks to the smooth wheels. It’s the perfect size for overhead bins. Absolutely worth the investment for anyone traveling for business or pleasure.

Mixi review by Scott Underwood
Scott Underwood